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Team Fundraising has never been easier.


What is FanFundit?

FanFundit is the newest way for coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs, and program directors to safely and efficiently raise funds for teams and programs through crowdfunding. With FanFundit, just build it, share it, and let your fans and supporters do the rest!

FanFundit uses the latest payment technologies to harness the power and effectiveness of peer-to-peer and crowdfunding fundraising to create a platform where coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs and program directors can safely and efficiently raise funds for their teams and programs.

It’s totally free to sign up and use FanFundit!

Coaches Coach, Players Play, and Fans Fundit! FanFundit allows you to raise money from anyone in your community, not just the people who know a current player on the roster. Other sites ask you to donate on behalf of a current player on the team, FanFundit allows you to ask anyone associated with the program for donations. Now anyone can donate: parents, alumni, or fans in the community!

Forever or a day… the choice is yours. You decide how long your team site is up!
We recommend 6-8 weeks for best results, but you can engage your fanbase as long as you need.

You can be an athlete, parent, fan, or celebrity, and your cause can be a specific event, idea, team, or organization. Whoever you are and whatever your passion is, if you need to raise funds, you can use FanFundit!

$1 – yup. 100%. All of it. Unlike some sites that charge you up to 25%, we charge nothing… 0% . Your fans pay us to donate to your activity when they use their credit card! We receive a small surcharge from the fans that donate.

Through BizConnect360, you get paid each and every time a transaction occurs and for as long as the program continues with that program.

If there was no charge to the program to use the platform and they could take advantage of all the features FanFundit provides to enhance the donations they receive, when would be a good time to stop using the program? Yup, Never is probably the right answer.

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